AIB International continues to excel as a BRC Approved Training Provider as it recently added five new courses from the official BRC Training Academy to its repertoire of in-plant training.

AIB has added the following courses, offered as on-site training, to its catalog:

  • Implementing the BRC Global Standard Food Safety Issue 7
  • *Also available in Spanish: Cómo implementar la Norma Mundial BRC de Seguridad Alimentaria 7ª edición
  • BRC Global Standard Food Safety: Conversion Course for Manufacturers Issue 6 to 7
  • *Also available in Spanish: Norma Mundial BRC de Seguridad Alimentaria 7ª edición: Curso de conversion para fabricantes Edición 6 a 7
  • Introduction to the Global Standard for Storage and Distribution Issue 2

These approved products have been specifically developed by BRC to guide facilities through the successful implementation of BRC’s newly published Global Standard for Food Safety: Issue 7 as well as the Global Standard for Storage and Distribution Issue 2, to help them prepare for the audit requirements. In addition to revised clauses, Issue 7 introduces new requirements for food fraud, traceability, and supplier management. Certification audits against the new issue will begin July 1, 2015.

“AIB International continues to meet the food industry’s demand for convenient, timely training for GFSI certification implementation from experienced professionals,” says Susan Hancock, vice president, Innovation and Product Development, AIB International.

AIB International, a BRC Approved Training Establishment, currently has five BRC Approved Training Providers (ATP) on staff that are able to offer courses globally in English and Spanish. Of the 33 ATPs currently certified in the United States, four of those are employed by AIB International. The company also has on staff one of only four ATPs currently certified in the entire country of Australia.

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