MarketsandMarkets--a global market research firm--has found that the food safety testing market will be worth more than $15 million by 2019. This is in addition to an estimated 1,154.8 million food tests to be conducted as well. The firm’s findings are reported in “Food Safety Testing Market by Contamination (Pathogen, GMO, Toxin, Pesticide, Others), Technology (Traditional & Rapid), Food type (Meat & Poultry, Dairy, Fruit & Vegetable, Convenience food, Others) & Region - Global Trends & Forecast to 2019”.

Interestingly, the report--which solidifies a strong focus on food safety in both North America and Europe--shows signs of growth in other nations as well. Africa, Asia-Pacific and Latin America are involved in more international food trade, as well as making their communities more aware of contamination, foodborne illness and outbreaks.

The largest market for food testing in 2013 was North America, but the Asia-Pacific region is expected to be the fastest-growing market over the next few years. Pathogen testing was found to be the largest testing market, mainly due to an increase in foodborne diseases--particularly Salmonella poisoning--caused by poor food handling during the production phase. Globally, testing for E. coli is also on the rise.

One of the reasons the food testing industry is expected to see continued growth is because regulations continue to evolve. Import and export testing, residue limits, and labeling restrictions all force food laboratories to come up with new and improved testing methods to keep up with ever-changing applicable laws. Other opportunities for growth are stemming from the U.S.’s continued implementation of the Food Safety Modernization Act, along with new food safety plans coming into effect in China.