Microbiologics, Inc., a global producer of quality control microorganisms, has introduced EZ-Hydro Shot, a product designed for water testing. Ready-to-use EZ-Hydro Shot organisms have been validated for membrane filtration and enzyme substrate methods and can be used for a variety of other test methods as well. The EZ-Hydro Shot comes in the form of a quantitative, lyophilized organism pellet; the strains included in EZ-Hydro Shot kits are organisms that readily indicate water contamination. The organism pellets are packaged in individual glass vials, so no pre-incubation steps are required to prepare EZ-Hydro Shot. The pellets dissolve instantly, saving laboratories considerable time and labor. This product delivers a low-level concentration of 20-100 CFU per pellet. EZ-Hydro Shot is packaged in a kit containing multiple strains carefully selected for particular test methods, but it can also be purchased as a set of one specific strain. This offers customers the flexibility to purchase only the strains required for their specific testing.

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