Cargill, Minneapolis, is helping broiler producers transform their nutritional and production data into valuable insights. 

TechBro Flex, a new dynamic predictive software tool, allows customers to simulate future feeding and production management strategies to understand their impact on profits. In pilot trials, farmers saw on average 3.5% margin improvement by optimizing poultry production costs.

“Consumer demands, unstable raw material prices, evolving supply and demand for poultry meat and constant changes in regulation around broiler production have made it difficult for our broiler producers to consistently sustain profits,” says Mario Penz, global strategic broiler account director, Cargill Animal Nutrition. “As a result, it is important for producers to combine both their nutritional and production data to optimize their broiler production costs.”

Using TechBro Flex, a trademark of Can-Technologies, Inc., Canada, Cargill poultry advisors work with broiler producers to understand performance goals, design feeding programs and develop production management strategies to improve poultry farm operations.

TechBro Flex is built on predictive technology that develops broiler production scenarios based on customers’ nutritional and production data and Cargill’s proprietary nutritional system, supported by vast global poultry research. As a result, producers are able to optimize within production constraints, mitigate sudden cost and revenue risks and go beyond nutrition to maximize profit.

“Given the competitive environment, our customers are looking for the best feeding and production management strategy to help them run a successful broiler operation,” says Henk Enting, global poultry technology director, Cargill Animal Nutrition. “TechBro Flex allows producers to see the impact of all key production components on their broiler economic performance and to receive expert advice on the best strategic scenario to implement.”

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