BIOTECON Diagnostics is pleased to announce it has entered into a global non-exclusive supply agreement with Canadian-based company, FoodChek Systems Inc. ("FoodChek"), to sell Actero Listeria ELITE Enrichment Media in combination with its foodproof Listeria product line.

FoodChek specializes in the development and marketing of rapid enrichment media. The Actero Listeria ELITE Enrichment Media has already been independently approved by the AOAC-RI, AFNOR and Health Canada. When used together with BIOTECON Diagnostics' foodproof real-time PCR assays, it significantly reduces time-to-results, while also improving sensitivity, sample handling and throughput.

"We are delighted about our partnership with FoodChek, and effective immediately we will be cooperating on the worldwide distribution of Actero Listeria ELITE Enrichment Media along with other FoodChek Actero EZ-Medias. We are in the business of food and beverage safety excellence, and our collaboration will enable us to provide new rapid media to our customers for even faster and more selective detection of pathogens," said Alois Schneiderbauer, CBO of BIOTECON Diagnostics.

"We carried out internal tests with more than 15 different food matrices and after a maximum enrichment time of only 22 hours, Listeria monocytogenes and all other species of the genus Listeria were reliably detected by using Actero Listeria ELITE Enrichment Media. Listeria species that do  not reproduce sufficiently in other media, such as Listeria grayi, also grew well in the media. This level of accuracy and efficient pathogen detection will only further advance our market growth," continued Mr. Schneiderbauer.

"We are currently in the process of obtaining external approval for our foodproof Listeria plus L monocytogenes Detection Kit together with this media according to ISO 16140. Once this is complete, it will be the ideal combination for our Listeria product portfolio," concluded Mr. Schneiderbauer.

"We are very proud of the opportunity of joining forces with a global food safety leader, BIOTECON Diagnostics and its outstanding food safety testing expertise. This collaboration will provide customers with industry-leading technology and true food safety innovation that is not only easy-to­ use but also results in faster product release. We look forward to a rewarding and mutually beneficial working relationship," said William J. Hogan, FoodChek president and CEO.

Mr. Hogan concluded, "BIOTECON Diagnostics' molecular biological competencies, reputation for food safety excellence and global reach make them an ideal partner for FoodChek in expanding our Actero EZ-Media Delivery System, especially our leading IP Actero Listeria ELITE Enrichment Media to the worldwide food safety testing market."