Research has demonstrated the ability of a new technology from Hydrosome called Hydrosome H2O to solve multiple precision fermentation challenges. The new technology also has the potential to help solve a global industry bottleneck in fermentation capacity and equipment, allowing for the production of dramatically higher yields in the same size tanks or previously unsuitable tanks.

Precision fermentation is a process that involves the customization of yeast and/or bacteria to produce specific molecules for use in a wide variety of applications including food, ingredients, and industrial enzymes.

The technological breakthrough was facilitated by Hydrosome Labs’ development of Hydrosome H2O—a natural and chemical-free process improving the power of water through the emerging science of ultrafine bubbles. The clean, green technology delivers active ingredients to cells more efficiently and completely. In addition to more efficient precision fermentations, commercial applications of the technology include helping plants grow faster and healthier with less fertilizer, and delivering faster, enhanced hydration in performance drinks.

A preliminary evaluation of the technology, conducted by the Integrated Bioprocessing Research Laboratory (IBRL) at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, showed that substituting Hydrosome H2O for regular water in a precision fermentation experiment resulted in:

  • A twice-as-fast cell doubling rate
  • 25 percent less overall fermentation time
  • Twice-as-high peak cell biomass.

The bottom-line benefits of Hydrosome H2O to industry include faster precision fermentation, higher yields, lower energy and nutrient inputs, lower labor costs, higher efficiencies, no added chemicals, and no regulatory impact.