Trace Register and ReposiTrak have announced a partnership to aid seafood retailers, wholesalers, and suppliers striving for compliance with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) Food Safety Modernization Act, Section 204 (FSMA 204), also known as the Food Traceability Final Rule.

Trace Register and ReposiTrak’s collaboration now enables easy exchange of FDA-required Key Data Elements (KDEs) between seafood suppliers and the retailers and wholesalers they serve. Trace Register is already collecting FDA-required KDEs from seafood suppliers. Now, through interoperability with ReposiTrak, that data can be sent to retail and wholesale customers without the need to log into another portal or system.

Since 2005, seafood suppliers have been sharing traceability data through Trace Register for regulatory, food safety and sustainability purposes. During that same time, ReposiTrak has built a network of 30,000 companies (including more than 1,000 seafood suppliers) sharing regulatory, financial, and compliance documentation, as well as traceability data, to meet the requirements of the Food Traceability Final Rule.

The ReposiTrak Traceability Network translates and organizes data in the same way for seafood as it does for other food categories covered by the Food Traceability Final Rule, providing retailers and wholesalers with the same trusted transparency across the board.