Waters Corporation has unveiled its new Fumo-V™ ONE Strip Test from its VICAM™ portfolio, a quantitative lateral flow strip test to test for fumonisin and other harmful mycotoxins in finished animal feed and pet foods. Using a water extraction, Fumo-V ONE can detect fumonisin in the range of 0.5–30 parts per million (ppm) in less than ten minutes.

Fumonisin is one of the most prevalent mycotoxins worldwide, associated with life-threatening diseases in horses and swine, as well as esophageal cancer and liver and kidney diseases in humans.

The new strip tests offer three key improvements over traditional methods:

  • Enable the “Big Three” mycotoxins—aflatoxin, fumonisin, and deoxynivalenol (DON)—to be monitored on-the-spot during feed production, moving quality management upstream and ensuring products are safe to ship and consume
  • Give customers actionable results onsite in less than ten minutes for complex finished feeds, eliminating the need to wait for lab results and hastening decision-making on finished product release using accurate, precise data
  • Produce results quickly—in minutes instead of hours, days, or weeks—to drive better decision-making, lower risk, and avoid financial losses caused by recalls or legal repercussions due to contaminated feed.

Fumo-V ONE Strip Tests eliminate the complex and technique-dependent procedures that are common with traditional methods, and surpass previous limitations of lateral flow strip tests for testing complex finished products. Fumo-V ONE Strip Tests use water for extraction, helping to improve safety and sustainability for onsite testing.

Waters Corporation: www.waters.com