NSF recently announced that Novozymes has become the world’s first company to implement NSF TraQtion software for managing the quality and compliance of raw materials used in the production of enzymes and proteins.

NSF TraQtion is a cloud-based quality and compliance software that provides organizations with a comprehensive platform to proactively manage their supply chain, sites, and product quality. NSF TraQtion was initially developed to help customers maintain a high level of food safety and quality compliance.

As a provider of risk management and mitigation solutions, NSF helps firms across various sectors, including food, ensure product safety, quality, and compliance. In the present reality of increasingly complex supply chains, risks stemming from globalization, extreme weather events, geopolitical influences, and persistent raw material inflation, robust supply chain management solutions are needed.

NSF TraQtion software offers comprehensive data management and business intelligence capabilities, combining decades of industry expertise with real-time digital insights in a trusted, cloud-based solution that provides businesses with the assurance required to confidently manage complex and critical data, including supplier compliance, regulatory requirements, and environmental reporting.