iFoodDS and IBM have announced a tech-enabled traceability solution—iFoodDS Trace Exchange™ with IBM Food Trust™—to help companies across the food supply chain address the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA's) Food Traceability Final Rule, fulfilling Section 204(d) of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA 204).

iFoodDS Trace Exchange with IBM Food Trust is a robust FSMA 204 traceability and compliance management solution capable of supporting the needs of the food industry's largest enterprises and suppliers of all sizes. The solution combines the scalability and interoperability of the IBM Sterling Supply Chain Intelligence Suite and the IBM Food Trust Network with iFoodDS traceability applications and innovative food industry, regulatory, and technical expertise.

FSMA 204 establishes additional traceability recordkeeping requirements for businesses that manufacture, process, pack, or hold certain foods, and includes data sharing requirements that lay the foundation for connecting the food supply chain to enable comprehensive traceability. The rule is expected to allow for faster identification and rapid removal of potentially contaminated food from the market to help reduce foodborne illnesses. The FSMA 204 compliance is January 20, 2026.

The joint solution, powered by the IBM Sterling Supply Chain Intelligence Suite and iFoodDS Trace Exchange, will allow companies to join and share data on the IBM Food Trust network. The IBM Sterling Supply Chain Intelligence Suite runs on the IBM Cloud and features enterprise-class security, reliability, and scalability. The solution facilitates data-sharing via the IBM Food Trust network, which is compatible with GS1 standards. iFoodDS Trace Exchange gives clients access to purpose-built FSMA 204 data capture applications and methods, FSMA 204 compliance expertise, network dashboards, and a seamless onboarding experience.

Beyond the goal of addressing FSMA 204 compliance, the joint solution is the foundation for a connected value chain, designed for stronger collaboration between trading partners and providing insights on product safety, quality, and freshness.

iFoodDS: www.ifoodds.com

IBM: www.ibm.com