The executive summary of the 2023 Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) Conference, offering insights and strategies to help food industry professionals, has been released.

The extensive recap covers all the sessions of the three-day conference, which focused on ways to tackle food safety challenges amid supply chain disruption, climate shocks, and workforce shortages.

The conference itself brought together more than 700 food safety experts from 50 countries to take action and identify new approaches to pressing food safety challenges. Under the theme “Delivering Safe Food in Turbulent Times: The Need for Agility and Resilience,” participants sought out, shared, and produced answers to problems that are common among those striving to ensure food safety.

Experts from industry, regulatory bodies, intergovernmental organizations, and academia, were present at the event, and the recap summarizes their ideas concisely. The experts provided insights at a series of breakout sessions that covered harmonization and benchmarking, public-private partnerships, and capability building.