METTLER TOLEDO, a provider of automated inspection solutions, has announced that it will begin demonstrating its new X34C X -ray inspection system for small, individually packaged products. The X34C can be used for inspecting a variety of packaged confectionary, snack, and bakery products after exiting a high-speed flow wrapper or pack sealer. The X34C features a compact footprint, measuring 700 mm in length, including its integrated reject devices. The X34C maintains accuracy at fast throughputs, running at speeds of up to 400 packages per minute.

The X34C will be introduced at the International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE) in Las Vegas, Nevada, from September 18–21, 2022. At IBIE, the X34C will be mounted on a loop conveyor with METTLER TOLEDO’s C35 AdvancedLine checkweigher that features FlashCell™ to demonstrate how its systems can be used for high-throughput production lines.