Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection Group has unveiled a variety of inspection systems, including two new X-ray inspection systems—the X12 and the X32—and the latest ProdX software.

The X12 and the X32 X-ray inspections systems are suitable for small- to medium-sized packaged foods for detecting hard-to-find physical contaminants such as glass, stone, and bone while offering an intuitive user interface and easy access for cleaning and maintenance. The X32 is available with a single- or multi-lane configuration and a wide variety of product integrity checks to improve overall product quality.

Mettler-Toledo’s latest update to its ProdX software (Version 2.6) is compatible with virtually all Mettler-Toledo inspection systems. Introducing an optimized web dashboard, automated reporting capabilities, and other features, ProdX 2.6 enables processors to monitor their inspection equipment remotely and to easily collect, save, search, and share data to ensure food safety, comply with regulatory requirements, and improve process efficiencies.