bioMérieux, an in vitro diagnostics solutions provider, has won the 2022 Food Safety Innovation Award for Predictive Diagnostics from the International Association for Food Protection (IAFP).  bioMérieux is being recognized for utilizing data to deliver actionable insights and custom diagnostic tools that enable better product quality, reduce risk, and increase profitability and efficiency. 

Through credible and actionable data, bioMérieux believes its predictive diagnostic tools will help the food safety industry evolve its risk reduction approach from detect-and-respond toward proactive prevention. bioMérieux’s predictive diagnostic tools leverage customer data to predict and protect the customer’s future. By identifying and targeting potential issues, customers are enabled to proactively prevent problems, protect their brands, and shield manufacturers from liability and compliance concerns. 

bioMérieux reports that its predictive diagnostics tools are adaptable to any existing product, process, or facility. Scientific experts work closely with manufacturers to create comprehensive, customized, and efficient plans for minimizing financial risks and safety hazards at every organizational level.