Romer Labs, a provider of diagnostic solutions for the agricultural, food, and feed industries, has announced the global launch of CytoQuant®, the world’s first mobile flow cytometer. Powered by impedance flow cytometry, CytoQuant quantifies bacteria and residues on surfaces in 30 seconds, giving food producers instant and actionable information about the efficacy of their cleaning, disinfection, and sanitation program.

The food production environment, including equipment for processing food, is known to be a principal source of microbiological contamination. While non-pathogenic bacteria can affect the shelf life and quality of food, pathogens such as Salmonella and Listeria can cause severe illness and even death in humans. Traditional methods of hygiene control, such as the use of agar plates, are time-consuming and can take days to return results. ATP methods, while fast, do not directly detect bacteria. CytoQuant unites the best of both worlds, enabling the immediate and direct quantification of bacteria and residues without being influenced by factors such as temperature and the presence of disinfectants.

CytoQuant relies on impedance flow cytometry, a technology that uses electrical impedance to measure the characteristics of cells and particles. The device pumps a sample taken with a proprietary swab kit through a microfluidic flow cell containing integrated electrodes; this flow cell is called the CountCell™. Cells and particles flowing through the CountCell introduce a change to the electrical current. Due to their size, the non-conductivity of their cell membrane and the conductivity of their cytoplasm, bacteria leave a unique fingerprint that distinguishes them from other particles in the sample. Equipped with such precise measurements, food producers can respond appropriately according to their HACCP plan.

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