NEMIS Technologies Ltd., a diagnostic startup based in Switzerland, recently announced that its N-Light™ Listeria monocytogenes diagnostic test designed for food safety has officially earned the prestigious AOAC® Performance Tested Method Certificate from the AOAC Research Institute in the U.S.

There’s a growing awareness among consumers and food producers about the critical issue of food safety. Microbial contamination of food causes expensive product recalls to the industry and is the source of foodborne infections affecting more than 600 million people and resulting in more than 400’000 deaths each year. There is a clear and increasing need for improved testing and monitoring of the environment in the food chain, however, current detection methods fall short from offering an easy-to-use, rapid, on-site and cost-effective solution due to their dependency on centralized laboratories.

The AquaSpark platform technology behind NEMIS N-Light tests offers a unique and powerful alternative to existing diagnostic methods providing food producers and processors with the first reliable on-site method that conveniently enables rapid lab-free testing of work surfaces at any point in the supply chain.