Sure Global Fair (SGF) International and the European Fruit Juice Association (AIJN) have organized an upcoming webinar entitled, “The Sustainability of European Food Systems: The Impact of the Farm to Fork Strategy (F2F) on Juice Industry.”

Questions and topics will include:

  • What changes will the (F2F) bring to the whole supply chain of fruit and vegetable juices and puree?
  • What role will the Common Agricultural Policy and trade policies play in this transition?
  • Will the increase of sustainability—encapsulated by ambiguous targets like the reduction of pesticides, the demand for organic products, integrated pest management practices, as well as understanding the role of genetically modified organisms and digital farming—contribute to commercializing our products? 
  • What role will be given to biodiversity strategy and the Water Framework Directive (EC 2000/60)?

Prominent speakers from the European Commission and European institution leaders will answer these and many other questions.

Webinar date: October 5th and 6th, 2020

Time: 2pm - 4:30pm CET (both days)

There is no cost to access the webinar.

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