To position your company in today’s refrigerated foods and beverage marketplace, it’s imperative to “cover all of your bases” and stay abreast of current market trends, food safety regulations and technical issues. That’s why the Refrigerated Foods Association (RFA), Marietta, Ga., is working toward “Advancing & Safeguarding the Refrigerated Foods Industry” through its 39th annual conference, which will take place Feb. 17-20 at the Marriott Waterside Hotel in Tampa, Fla.

The conference kicks off with keynote speaker Jim “The Rookie” Morris, who rose from being a 35-year-old high school teacher to a major league pitcher in 3 months. Morris’ story made cinematic history with the release of “The Rookie,” starring Dennis Quaid. 

Following Morris’ keynote is a presentation from Martin Mitchell, RFA’s technical director, delivering a technical update and sharing up-to-the-minute information on food safety and regulatory compliance under FSMA. 

Michael Hewett, director of environmental and sustainability programs at Publix Super Markets, will share what he has learned in over 20 years of experience in environmental management, including regulatory compliance and sustainability programs. 

An HPP Panel, featuring Mark Duffy, president of Universal Pure, and Joyce Longfield, vice president of product innovation at Good Foods and chairperson of Cold Pressure Council, will provide a deep dive into the intricacies of high-pressure pasteurization (HPP).

Guest speakers Dr. Keith Schneider professor of food science and microbiology at the University of Florida, and Doug Larcher, professor of the University of Florida, College of Veterinary Medicine, will discuss the Food Recall Handbook. 

Dick Finnegan, speaker, author and chief executive officer of C-Suite Analytics, will utilize concrete data, insight and humor to discuss employee turnover and engagement. 

Sarah Schmansky, vice president, fresh and health and wellness growth, Nielsen Fresh, will provide up-to-the-minute insights into industry trends and what is on the horizon for refrigerated foods. 

And lastly, Patricia Wester, chief executive officer of AFSAP (The Association for Food Safety Auditing Professionals), who will be joined by a representative from the FDA to address FSMA 101.

RFA’s 2019 conference will also include a full exhibit hall featuring the latest in packaging, equipment, ingredients and services. The annual golf tournament will take place at the TPC Golf Club of Tampa, and the closing banquet will be held at the Florida Aquarium. 

Attendees will also be given the opportunity to give back to Tampa by participating in an afternoon of painting. Completed artwork will be donated to Shriners Hospital for Children in Tampa, with help from the Foundation for Hospital Art.  

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