Gothenburg, Sweden-based Food Radar Systems launched Food Radar in 2010. Food Radar quickly detects and removes previously undetectable foreign bodies from food production lines.

The Food Radar is unlike any other food safety technology. Specially devised to maximize the quality of pumpable food products such as baby food, sauces, soups, fruit preparations, and desserts, the Food Radar sets a new standard of safety for food manufacturing. Whereas other detection systems remove mainly high-density contaminants such as metal, glass, and stone, the Food Radar adds a crucial layer of safety by removing low-density foreign bodies (e.g., soft plastic, fruit stones, and rubber), which are undetectable using traditional technologies. Using entirely safe but highly effective microwave technology, the Food Radar gives cutting-edge protection from the constant and serious threat of these contaminants—it quite literally makes the invisible visible!

The team at Food Radar Systems understands that all customers have different operations, products, and needs, so they always strive to find the best solutions and support for each customer. Potential customers are also welcome to visit Food Radar Systems to try out the technology on their own food products.

The pilot test takes place over 2 days at Food Radar Systems’ HQ in Gothenburg, Sweden. Customers are invited to bring around 60 kg of each product they would like to test, plus of course some foreign bodies that typically pose a threat to production. Sven Bodell, Food Radar Systems’ president, says, “In addition to the unique capability of detecting wood, plastic and even insects, the ability to detect organic faults, such as starch or spice lumps, is another benefit that our customers have difficulty in believing...that is until they see the system in operation”.

After the pilot test, each client will receive a full, detailed report of the performance of the Food Radar when monitoring their product over the course of the 2 days. And, if the client decides to go ahead with the purchase, they will, together with the technicians at Food Radar Systems, design a system specific to their line. After that, they will receive detailed drawings and preparatory documents to make the installation smooth and effective.

The entire point of the pilot is that the customer is fully assured of the benefits of the system, and exactly how it will work, before making an investment. For the team at Food Radar Systems, this process is not only about demonstrating the effectiveness of the technology but working closely with the customers to understand their specific needs—it’s about demonstrating their dedication to helping customers improve their business.

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