Changing food preferences and increasing costs are driving restaurateurs to reexamine every aspect of their operations. As a result, operators want their warewashing to deliver more than sparkling place settings. They also want to reduce labor, water, and energy costs to help boost profit margins. To effectively meet these needs, Ecolab developed the SMARTPOWER Program.                    

SMARTPOWER is a complete warewashing program that includes Ecolab’s full line of products, digital monitoring of warewashing performance, and Ecolab’s expert service. This complete program helps give restaurant operators peace of mind, knowing their operations are running smoothly while generating the best warewashing results.                   

“This is a step change in Ecolab’s warewash technology and our best warewash product ever. Our proprietary chemistry breaks down build up on wares and prevents soils from reattaching, resulting in one-pass warewashing,” says Ann Mamer Lloyd, senior vice president of marketing for Ecolab’s Global Institutional business. “Additionally, real-time insights on warewashing performance along with personalized service help customers follow procedures on-site as well as identify trends in operations and opportunities for training. As a result, customers using SMARTPOWER are able to reduce their daily dish racks an average of 10 percent lowering their total cost.”                    

To develop the SMARTPOWER Program, Ecolab researchers extensively tested and refined the new safe-to-touch and biodegradable formulations. Ecolab also proved efficacy across nearly 300 foodservice environments across 21 countries among a wide range of food soils. The average reduction of 10 percent of dish racks* found at SMARTPOWER test locations translates into savings of 304 employee hours and $557 annually in water and energy costs at each unit, which adds up for operators with multiple locations.                    

“Locations using the SMARTPOWER Program showed a significant increase in ware being ready for guest use after the first wash, eliminating the need to rewash or hand- polish items, a common industry practice that has become more expensive as minimum wages rise,” added Mamer Lloyd. “This has allowed customers to focus on their guests.”

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