Designing and applying homogenizer technology to meet specific process requirements requires skill and understanding. To ensure a process is optimized, the type of homogenization valve needs to be selected with an understanding of the products involved, their compositions, structures and abrasiveness. SPX is able to provide reliable, efficient, high performance homogenization machinery customised to specific customer needs along with leading expertise and process understanding to ensure production and quality targets are met.

To optimize the process and ensure the necessary product characteristics are being created, SPX Innovation Centres in Copenhagen/Søborg and Silkeborg, Denmark are outfitted with all the necessary equipment to perform trials of the homogenization process on product samples and to analyse the results. Different emulsions have different requirements and designing the process to run as close to the minimum required pressure as possible provides the best efficiencies. The use of these centres ensures machine design is to exact requirements and that capital and operating expenditure is optimized.

SPX brands APV Rannie and Gaulin Series homogenization solutions enable customers to get the results they need from their processes. Machines are carefully designed to meet specific application requirements and optimize both energy and water consumption for efficient production while providing consistent, reliable performance. Solutions are further supported by a comprehensive, global support network to ensure they continue to operate reliability and efficiently.