Hygiena has announced the opening of a new facility serving customers in Canada. The new division is now known as Hygiena Canada Ltd.

The establishment of Hygiena Canada creates a permanent presence in the region for Hygiena, as the company continues to grow and provide key hygiene monitoring and molecular diagnostic testing and equipment to customers in food safety, healthcare, and other fields as the need for hygiene and safety testing expands globally.

“We are excited about working with our Canadian customers and distributors through Hygiena Canada. Having a facility in Canada will allow us to better address growing opportunities there,” says Steven Nason, CEO of Hygiena. “This new facility is part of Hygiena’s overall strategy to increase access, service and support of its products worldwide.”

Hygiena Canada is a fully owned subsidiary of Hygiena. The Mississauga Ontario, facility will be the first to warehouse all Hygiena products, including the EnSure and SystemSure PLUS ATP Sanitation Monitoring Systems, allergen and indicator organism tests and the BAX® System PCR assays and RiboPrinter® DNA fingerprinting system. Sales, marketing, customer service, operations and warehousing will all function in the new facility.

Hygiena BAX® System validated PCR Assays have been approved by Health Canada, the country’s national health agency, for use in foods and environmental surface samples

The federal agency has included the BAX® System methodologies in its Compendium of Analytical Methods. The Compendium is the official Canadian method reference approved and used by Health Canada’s Health Products and Food Branch to determine compliance with government standards and guidelines.