PerkinElmer, Inc., has announced a collaboration with TeakOrigin, a company that integrates technology and data platforms to serve as a detector for food authenticity and quality.

PerkinElmer’s cutting-edge molecular spectroscopy instrumentation, combined with TeakOrigin’s team of analytical chemistry experts, will help bring greater transparency to a wide range of food items that consumers purchase and eat. Based on the findings of their research, PerkinElmer and TeakOrigin will aim to develop a first-of-its-kind technology that uses a single platform to analyze a number of food types for key indicators that determine authenticity, quality and freshness. The research will leverage molecular spectroscopy, UV VIS, mid/near-infrared and Raman spectroscopy techniques – which are fast, small, and relatively low cost and non-destructive to the food being tested.

“Food can lose a significant amount of nutritional value in the supply chain and preparation process, and the growing lack of transparency within the modern food system is increasingly impacting the consumer both nutritionally and financially,” says Brent Overcash, CEO, TeakOrigin. “Together with PerkinElmer, we want to deliver a quick, simple and secure way to ensure that the food we eat is what’s indicated on the label, confirm how fresh and nutritious it is, and help eliminate food fraud and misrepresentation.”

The first research initiatives are taking place at PerkinElmer’s scientific laboratory at its headquarters in Waltham, MA. For this project, lab analytical results will be calibrated against their molecular spectroscopy results to facilitate fast, portable screening of foods for quality and safety threats. The initial pilot testing will be for olive oil, honey and apples, with the intent to extend this type of analysis to many other foods.

“PerkinElmer brings extensive experience developing instrumentation, software and services to help food manufacturers better detect ingredients and adulterants while navigating regulations,” says Jim Corbett, executive vice president and president, Discovery & Analytical Solutions, PerkinElmer. “Working with TeakOrigin, we look forward to addressing key underlying issues in the food system, leading to better and healthier food decisions for grocery retailers and consumers.”

In the future, PerkinElmer and TeakOrigin will aim to develop and validate new hand-held spectroscopic devices and chemometric models.