Today, CERTUS™, innovators in food safety technologies, announced an expanded partnership with Solus Scientific for the immediate distribution of the Solus Pathogen Testing System across the U.S. food safety market. For use by food safety testing labs, the Solus Pathogen Detection System is a highly efficient process for detection of Salmonella, Listeria and Escherichia coli O157 pathogens. Utilizing proprietary antibodies and production methods optimized to deliver excellent performance, the system offers labs increased power, performance, and profits through automated immunoassays delivering high test throughput, lab resource efficiencies and cost savings.

“Aligning with our company’s laser-like focus on reducing foodborne illness, the Solus Pathogen Detection System has the ability to dramatically increase lab productivity and efficiency, a critical factor in the rising needs of the industry,” says CERTUS President, John Coomes. “Labs across the country are in need of a powerful, efficient and cost effective system to ensure food is safe for everyone in our country. We’re proud to grow our partnership with Solus to bring such a solution to the U.S. marketplace.”

The cornerstone of the Solus Pathogen Detection System is the company’s proprietary immunoassay, based on enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). The system is available in a manual, or a fully-automated, self-contained option (Solus DS2 Automated Laboratory ELISA), able to process 192 samples in one run including simple load-to-results on-screen instructions for technicians.  

“For food testing labs to use the Solus Pathogen Detection System makes both commercial and scientific sense, as we have enabled a proven technology to be automated, increasing throughput efficiency and productivity,” says Ray Wakefield, CEO of Solus. “Our partnership with CERTUS gives American third-party labs a powerful and AOAC validated alternative that this market is demanding.”