Cooper-Atkins is adding a pH monitor as part of its wide offering of EnviroTrak® environmental monitoring solutions. pH neutralization plays a critical role in the wastewater treatment process and in many processing stages in the food industry to prevent over acidification.

The unit is a fully-featured pH monitoring device with a 900 MHz transmitter and an electrode for inline or submersion installation. It has a large LCD display and has versatile mounting options for wall, panel, DIN rail or pipe mount. An optional National Electrical Manufacturers Association enclosure (#10110) for the analog transmitter is available.

  • Monitor pH levels of wastewater processes compliant to EPA guidelines
  • Proven technology for pH monitoring and 4-20mA output signal transmission
  • Large display shows electrode data and aids in the calibration process
  • User-programmable electrode maintenance reminders help ensure your system always obtains accurate data

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