Q Laboratories, Inc. has been named an Association Française de Normalisation (AFNOR) Certified Expert Laboratory, thereby qualified to perform validation studies on instruments, test kits and materials for the food microbiology testing industry in France.

Representatives of Q Laboratories, Inc. were in Paris, France in January 2017 to present before the AFNOR Technical Board. Based on the results of this presentation, they were granted Expert Lab status. By acquiring AFNOR Expert Laboratory NF 102 Validation status, Q Laboratories, Inc. is one of only two labs in the world, and the only lab in the Western Hemisphere, certified by all three major certification bodies, AOAC, MicroVAL and AFNOR, to perform these critical independent laboratory studies.

AFNOR is the French national organization for standardization and its International Organization for Standardization member body. A benchmark player in certification and assessment, AFNOR Certification has supported organizations in all sectors and of all sizes for nearly 25 years, helping them improve their competitiveness and have their good practices endorsed by quality marks recognized by professionals.