The Thermo Fisher Scientific microbiology manufacturing facility in Wesel, Germany, recently achieved ISO 17025 accreditation, one of the most important standards for calibration and testing laboratories around the world. Accreditation to this standard provides the highest level of reassurance that test data for manufactured products are reliable and accurate. Working with an accredited supplier can limit supplier management requirements, reduce product failure and associated down time, and control manufacturing costs.

“Our customers rely on the culture media products manufactured at our Wesel site for critical testing in clinical diagnostic, food manufacturing and industrial environments,” says Martyn Rogers, European quality director, Microbiology, Thermo Fisher Scientific. “The ISO 17025 accreditation confirms our ongoing commitment to utilise industry leading practices and provides assurance to our customers that the quality control test data we supply are both accurate and reliable.”

Thermo Fisher offers a range of microbiology products that includes culture media, antimicrobial susceptibility testing solutions and market-leading molecular solutions for food safety testing.