Styrotek, Inc. has announced the recent appointment of Interim CEO Richard Lindenmuth to the EPS Industry Alliance (EPS-IA) Board of Directors. The EPS-IA is a dynamic trade association representing more than 70 member companies working within the expanded polystyrene (EPS) industry across the U.S. and Canada. Lindenmuth is the acting chief executive officer of Styrotek, a company that manufactures EPS grape boxes used to protect table grapes from harvest, through the cold chain and to the grocery store aisle.

“It’s a great honor and responsibility to be appointed to the EPS-IA Board of Directors,” says Lindenmuth, “I am looking forward to working with other industry leaders and supporting positive conversations about the importance and effectiveness of expanded polystyrene.” Lindenmuth along with the 18 other Board members will guide the EPS-IA’s work to promote EPS recycling and sustainability and participate in forums to increase product and chemical transparency.

Lindenmuth and other prospective nominees were evaluated by the EPS-IA’s acting Board of Directors, which requires a unanimous vote of approval for appointment. The EPS-IA represents a multitude of EPS products ranging from protective packaging for produce, pharmaceuticals and beverages to building insulation and safety equipment like helmets and floatation devices.