RAYCON product inspection systems detect all contaminants that due to their density, chemical composition, or mechanical dimensions absorb X-radiation to a lesser or greater degree than the surrounding product.

RAYCON D reliably detects contaminants like metal, glass, ceramics, and stone contaminants in packed goods and therefore helps you to ensure your product quality.

RAYCON will also detect some plastics (e.g. PVC, rubber) as well as other product defects (e.g. cracks, trapped air). Desired "contaminants" (e.g. aluminium clips on sausage chubs) can be masked out.

The heart of the RAYCON control is a high performance industrial PC incorporating a real-time operating system and sophisticated image processing software featuring user administration, multi-product memory, etc. Operator input and set up is via a 10“ LCD touch screen monitor (IP65).

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