Later this month, SafetyChain Software will be hosting a webinar food processing companies who want to learn how to minimize impact of material loss throughout the production process and on the bottom line. The session will go over how MaterialPro--SafetyChain’s material loss management solution--provides the critical, actionable data needed to reduce material loss and improve operational efficiencies to increase margins and lower costs.

Webinar participants can expect to learn how to better understand how MaterialPro can help food processors to do the following:

  • Monitor material handling processes from receiving through shipping electronically and securely
  • Automatically monitor and capture all material ingredient movements
  • Track receiving performance by carrier, load, bay, and operator
  • Get an integrated view of quality tests at critical process steps
  • Achieve real-time reporting and analytics that help drive continuous improvement

Webinar: Tired of Material Loss Impacting Your Bottom Line?

Date: October 28, 2016

Time: 11 a.m. Pacific Time/2 p.m. Eastern Time

Cost: Free

Who should attend: Plant managers, operations and general managers in the food and beverage process manufacturing industry

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