Shimadzu Scientific Instruments announces the release of the Nexera MX ultra-high speed LCMS system for multiplex analysis. Equipped with Nexera MX Dual Stream Technology (MX-DST), the system can process up to twice the number of samples as conventional LCMS systems in the same amount of time. By enabling continuous data acquisition, the Nexera MX system significantly improves analytical throughput, enabling laboratories to operate more efficiently and profitably.

In one comparative study of four biomarker compounds, the Nexera MX completed analysis in only 38 seconds, while a conventional HPLC required one minute and 22 seconds.

To simplify user operations and data processing, the Nexera MX system uses custom MX Solution software, as well as Shimadzu’s LabSolutions Insight. The intuitive MX Solution software allows users to begin analysis in just three clicks, while LabSolutions Insight uses special flagging functions to sort and analyze large amounts of data quickly and effectively.

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