In the video below, Edward Don’s corporate fleet manager and transportation manager explain how the nationwide distributor of foodservice equipment and supplies is enhancing customer service and realizing substantial bottom line benefits by streamlining delivery operations with Descartes’ cloud-based route planning and execution solutions. Instead of stand-alone technology in different locations, the company used the Descartes solution to consolidate order-to-delivery processes across six full-service distribution centers and more efficiently manage the movement of its unmatched product selection of 50,000+ items. With help from Descartes, Edward Don has been able to save ~$100,000 in the first year alone by reducing overall fleet miles and fuel usage, making drivers more efficient and increasing the capacity of its in-house fleet of over 100 “red and yellows” —all of which translates into higher standards of customer service excellence.

In a nutshell, industry suppliers can improve delivery fulfillment through:

  • Consolidate delivery operations – Descartes’ cloud-based solution eliminates manual and paper-based practices for route planning, reducing human error
  • Experience real-time optimization – Advanced technology allows for Edward Don to optimize both static and dynamic routes, taking into account business rules, delivery assets, and customer requirements
  • Benefit from mobile solution integration – Made for on-the-go operations management, Route Planner features GPS tracking, planned vs. actual performance monitoring, and electronic capture of proof-of-delivery (POD) information