This week, roughly 1,000 food safety leaders from over 60 countries have come together as part of the Global Food Safety Initiative’s 15th annual Global Food Safety Conference (GFSC) in Berlin, Germany. These experts have convened with one goal in mind--to make a change in the world and advance food safety globally.

This year’s conference is covering a plethora of hot topics--big data, crisis management, the future of food safety, and will focus on the continued efforts to harmonize trade standards worldwide. GFSC serves as a platform where food safety leaders can discuss the industry’s most pressing issues.

“The task has grown more complex - reducing food safety risks and managing costs in the supply chain, while developing capacity building efforts and facilitating knowledge exchange and networking,” says Mike Robach, newly appointed chairman of the GFSI board and Vice President of Corporate Food Safety at Cargill Inc., USA.

This year’s GFSC speakers include U.S. Food and Drug Administration representatives, Berlin’s Senator for justice and consumer protection Thomas Heilmann, Professor Andreas Hensel from Germany’s federal institute of risk assessment as well as experts from international organizations such as Nestle?, Danone, Metro Group, and Cargill. Food Safety Magazine’s publisher and editorial director--Stacy Atchison and Barbara VanRenterghem, respectively--are both in attendance as well.

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