The UK's Food Standards Agency (FSA) on Sept. 27 reported that, along with Public Health England and local authorities, it is investigating an outbreak of a particular strain of salmonella, called Salmonella Gold-coast, that is known to have caused 18 cases of illness.

The investigation has identified potential links between the outbreak and the consumption of whelks from independent shops, market stalls and mobile seafood vans, largely in the East Anglia area. As part of this investigation, Lynn Shellfish Ltd of King’s Lynn (formerly known as Heiploeg or Heiploeg and Lynn Shrimpers) has issued a recall of all batches of frozen and chilled whelks.

The agency advised anyone who has recently purchased and consumed whelks and is displaying the symptoms of food poisoning, such as diarrhea, vomiting, stomach cramps and fever, to contact their physician. Although none of the affected product remains on sale, the FSA urged consumers who have purchased but not yet consumed whelks from independent shops, market stalls and mobile seafood vans in the East Anglia area, not to eat them but instead to throw them away.

The FSA said its warning applies to product labeled as cooked whelk meat that was packed by Lynn Shellfish Ltd (UK K1010 EC), sold frozen or chilled, regardless of the date mark.