Eurofins Food Safety Systems and the Allergen Control Group Inc. (ACG) have announced Eurofins’ induction into the Gluten-Free Certification Program (GFCP) as a newly trained and approved third party auditing and certification company. As a trusted supplier of valuable food safety assessments, Eurofins welcomes the opportunity to expand their capabilities in order to better serve the food industry. This collaboration is a natural fit for Eurofins and ACG, both of whom share a common interest in food safety and consumer health.

“We are thrilled to partner with ACG to provide GFCP Audits to our customers”, says Eurofins’ food safety systems director, Gary Smith. “This partnership will help the food industry verify their food safety programs, label claims, and meet the customer requirements being placed upon them.”

Paul Valder, president of the ACG, the owners of the GFCP, believes that “this partnership with Eurofins will provide industry with value and increased customer service by providing more capabilities to bundle food safety audit services together with the GFCP.” Industry will also benefit from increased knowledge, by implementing preventative measures, identifying manufacturing deficiencies and documenting corrective actions, addressing effective gluten controls. A recognized GFCP facility has proven it is capable of managing the risk for potential cross contamination, in products carrying a “gluten-free” label claim.  Any manufacturer who provides safe, reliable, gluten-free assurances in a complex regulatory landscape and who can also meet the “special dietary needs” for celiac and gluten sensitive consumers, will win brand protection and customer loyalty.

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