Cargill, Minneapolis, developed Dairy Enteligen, a new digital platform that unleashes the power of data and insights to help farmers improve their operations.

“In today’s agricultural economy, dairy farmers are looking for real-time information and insights to help them make the best decisions to run a profitable and efficient farm, while also ensuring their animals are properly nourished,” says Ricardo Daura, global product line director in Cargill Animal Nutrition’s digital insights business. “We believe Dairy Enteligen has the power to fundamentally transform the dairy industry by unlocking the power of data to guide farmers’ decision-making right from their fingertips.”   

Through the touch of a smart tablet or a computer keystroke, dairy consultants work with farmers to track key information, including milk productivity, animal health and comfort and feed formulation. The Dairy Enteligen data collection, management and analysis platform combines this information from multiple software programs into one comprehensive system, allowing Cargill advisors and customers to make precise decisions on feed and farm management practices.  

Dairy Enteligen helps Cargill dairy consultants provide a greater service to our farm customers,” says Chantal van der Meijde, global category manager for dairy technology. “Armed with the insights from Dairy Enteligen, consultants can help farmers streamline their operations, make critical decisions and manage the short-term while planning for the long-term sustainability of their dairy operation. Before even setting foot on the farm, a dairy consultant will know how much milk a customer’s cows are producing and why and have identified opportunities for improvement.”

The Dairy Enteligen platform currently is available in Spain and Italy, and will be rolled out to the United States and additional geographies over the next several months. The platform is built on a secure technology environment, yet is accessible by both the farmer and their Cargill consultants 24 hours a day.

“Technology is re-shaping and redefining the agricultural and food sectors,” Daura says. “Dairy Enteligen is just one example of the ways Cargill is looking to technology to unlock insights that will help our customers grow and more efficiently and sustainably manage their farm business.”