For years, we have heard of some outbreak of Escherichia coli, Salmonella or Listeria. It’s frightening to think that the food we eat here in the U.S. could actually kill us. Every facet of the food industry has a responsibility to insure everyone’s safety from cross-contamination or simply to improve practices of sanitation. These practices are again everyone’s responsibility, as we are all in this together. Examples of such practices are crop protection, harvesting, packaging, transportation and post harvesting at day care centers, supermarkets and home gardens, which all end up on our family’s kitchen tables.

There are effective solutions on the market that at the same time, take a sustainable approach without using harsh chemicals during the process. Since organic chemistries like hydrogen peroxide-based formulas are trusted to sanitize hospitals and emergency rooms, why can’t we take the lead in all markets where one might come into contact with food or the surfaces where food is present.

BioSafe Systems has developed powerful sanitizers, fungicides and bactericides that not only sanitize food crops from disease but many hard surfaces as well. BioSafe Systems developed these formulas that are appropriate and effective for the process from “field to fork.” The chemistries leave no footprint, and these sanitizing products explode pathogens while only leaving water and oxygen behind. You can’t get much safer than that.

Every employee at BioSafe Systems from administrative staff to those in the fields are passionate  about the products offered, from the growing fields to the garden centers. No one should ever die from eating fruits or vegetables! Join us in learning about the sanitizing solutions we provide throughout the entire process. To learn more visit or call 860-290-8890

Mike Garry is the national segment manager–retail at BioSafe Systems.