Tetra Rex Bio-based--the world’s first fully renewable package--is being rolled out to Tetra Pak customers worldwide. The product has enjoyed a successful launch at Valio, a dairy producer in Finland. Tetra Rex Bio-based earned a Gold Award at the Pro2Pac Excellence Awards in the UK last week for being the world’s first carton made entirely from plant-based, renewable packaging materials.

Valio sold one of its lactose-free semi-skimmed milk drinks in the renewable packaging for the past three months. The company has decided to continue its use for this product as well as others.

“After all of the hard work and significant investment that has gone into bringing this package to market, it is hugely rewarding to get such a positive response from both Valio and their consumers,” says Charles Brand, executive vice president of product management and commercial operations for Tetra Pak.

Tetra Rex Bio-based is made from plastics derived from sugar cane and paperboard. The plastics can be traced back to their origin, affording the package the highest category of bio-based certification from Vincotte, the internationally-recognized assessment body.

The packaging is pending additional distribution to customers in Europe and discussions have commenced to launch Tetra Rex Bio-based at companies in other regions as well.