Randox Food Diagnostics has released a new glycerol kit for the accurate detection of polyol compounds in wine samples. The glycerol kit will give winemakers a more complete and comprehensive profile of the wine they are bottling. Using Randox Food Diagnostics, winemakers can be assured of the quality of their wine throughout the winemaking process, promoting excellence in every glass.

Randox Food Diagnostics Wine Division business manager Janine McMullan welcomed the launch of the new test, saying:

“The development of Randox’s new tests is driven by customer’s needs. We supply reagents and analysis equipment to wineries across the globe and are constantly developing new kits to ensure we meet the needs of such a varied industry. Different regions have different analysis needs and our aim is to meet the needs of all winemakers; we are constantly developing new tests to provide a complete wine analysis profile and are delighted to be able to add glycerol to that profile.”

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