Randox Food Diagnostics has announced a new, comprehensive screening range for the detection and quantification of antibiotic drug residues within food and animal samples--a service that is ideal for companies running an antibiotic free program.

Of the 41 antibiotics that are approved for use in food-producing animals by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, 31 are medically important for human health. Randox Food Diagnostics provides advanced screening solutions for 94 percent of these antibiotics including beta-lactams, quinolones and tetracyclines, allowing you to ensure the integrity of your end product without compromising quality. Randox Food provides multiplex screening solutions validated across a range of matrices including urine, serum, tissue, milk, honey and feed.

With an industry tailored test menu, Randox food offers antibiotic residue screening solutions to strengthen consumer confidence and ensure food integrity on a global scale. With 23 antimicrobial screening arrays available and the capability to detect of up to 15 antibiotic residues from a single sample, Randox Food provides the ultimate solution in antibiotic residue screening technology.

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