This month, Randox Food Diagnostics announced that the AOAC Research Institute granted AOAC Performance Tested certification to Randox’s Antimicrobial Array I Ultra Kit (License Number 051705).

The Antimicrobial Array I Ultra Kit tests for 13 antibacterial agents. For consumer protection, the presence of the compounds in the food supply is highly regulated or banned. This Biochip-based kit uses a multi-analytical approach and therefore maximizes detection capability which will improve food safety.

The widespread use of antibacterial agents in veterinary practice, as bacteriostatic agents as well as to promote growth, has increased the concern about the levels of contamination of food products that can be consumed by the public. To protect the both consumer and the industry, regulatory authorities have specified maximum residue limits.

David Ferguson, head of Randox Food Diagnostics says, “This is a major achievement for our team and we are delighted to receive this certification from AOAC. One of our central goals is to be a catalyst for improving food safety, which is why we invested so much into tackling the widely-reported dangers of antibacterial residue in food. There’s a growing awareness among consumers and producers about the critical issue of food safety. The Antimicrobial Array I Ultra Kit will meet the increasing demand for highly accurate diagnostic tests.”

AOAC standards are used globally to facilitate public health and safety and promote trade, and the rigorous certification process was completed in conjunction with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration Center for Veterinary Medicine validation protocol. The process took over 3 years. In addition to internal validation studies and reporting to AOAC Research Institute, an external independent expert laboratory was also required to evaluate the methodology.

Achieving the AOAC Performance Tested certification sends a strong statement to the industry about Randox Food Diagnostics’ commitment to supporting food producers by providing the highest quality diagnostic tests.

The test kit is exclusively available on Randox’s proprietary Biochip Array Technology. For more information please contact