FoodChain ID has announced a new 30-day guarantee for Non-GMO Project verification of low-GMO risk products. The program is offered at no extra charge and takes effect immediately in conjunction with Natural Products Expo West 2015.

FoodChain ID will also introduce a simplified, easy-to-understand pricing structure and accelerated enrollment process to take effect in Q2 2015. The pricing model allows participants to easily calculate product verification costs, speeding up the enrollment process.

“These changes to our program are part of our ongoing commitment to streamlining the verification process,” says David Carter, general manager for FoodChain ID. “Over the past year, we’ve doubled our verification staff, opened a new evaluation hub in Chicago, extended the feature set of our SupplyTrak software and introduced efficiencies aimed at speeding up verification of both simple and complex products.”

Carter adds, “As a result of these improvements, FoodChain ID set a record by verifying over 2,000 new products in February. Our industry-leading experience and systems allow us to offer the most cost-effective program in the marketplace.”

FoodChain ID has verified over 95 percent of all Non-GMO Project Verified products now carrying the seal. In total, FoodChain ID has verified more than 26,000 products, representing 25,000 ingredients sourced from over 10,000 suppliers in over 100 countries. Clients benefit from FoodChain ID’s in-house consulting expertise and matchless knowledge of ingredients, testing protocols and global regulatory requirements.