FoodChain ID, a provider of technology-enabled food safety, quality, and sustainability solutions, has acquired Hamilton Grant, a global provider of product development software for the food and beverage industry. FoodChain ID is a portfolio company of Berkshire Partners. 

Hamilton Grant's software enables food and beverage company product developers to create better, regulatory-compliant food faster by streamlining the development process. The Hamilton Grant PLM software also integrates with existing enterprise resource planning and other business systems.

Based in the UK, Hamilton Grant collaborates with many of the world's leading food and beverage brands and boasts an exceptional client retention rate.

Hamilton Grant's cloud-based PLM software dynamically updates nutrition and allergy information in real time. Label information can be quickly updated whenever recipes change. Hamilton Grant is continually innovating and updating its software to meet the most extensive international standards and regulations.

FoodChain ID will augment Hamilton Grant's software with its data services and multi-assessment platforms, including gComply, Praedixi, FOCOS, and Nutraveris Online—enabling regulatory compliance in product and recipe development and packaging. The company's multi-assessment platform SupplyTrak® assures consumer label compliance and assessment, and its HorizonScan, Food Fraud Database, and EMAlert technologies secure food safety and risk management. The combination of these solutions enables businesses to better understand and address legal, consumer, and customer requirements. Businesses can analyze complex regulations, collect supplier evidence to demonstrate compliance, expedite data collection and analysis, manage change, simplify supplied product compliance risk management, and streamline product development efforts.