FoodChain ID, a provider of technology-enabled food safety, quality, and sustainability solutions, has acquired BCGlobal, a provider of database subscription services delivering information on global regulatory requirements impacting the trade of food, beverage, and agricultural products.

BCGlobal, formerly the regulatory intelligence and software division of Bryant Christie Inc., has developed the gold standard in agricultural commodity regulatory trade information validated by governments and leading private corporations. This easy-to-use software enables users to identify and compare international regulation standards quickly.

FoodChain ID CEO Brad Riemenapp said of the acqusition, "BCGlobal is the only company in its space to provide a complete, accurate, and timely full turn-key regulatory compliance data supply chain solution. In addition, its proprietary data sets provide additional capabilities to our current and future technology products, such as gComply/gComply+, tech-enabled pesticides, and dynamic risk assessment, and further enable our technology/data strategy." 

BCGlobal partners with global brand leaders in the food and beverage space and differentiates itself via data source accuracy and know-how, a systemized collection process with proprietary data collection rules, and a complex algorithm rules-based engine. The company has 14,000+ active users in 36 countries, a greater than 125 percent net retention rate, and shares many key customers with FoodChain ID.