Unity Lab Services takes serving science seriously. We offer a range of capabilities, from traditional laboratory instrument and equipment services to enterprise-level support, including business analytics for continuous improvement and management of laboratory staffing and consumables inventory. These multi-vendor services can be implemented across a broad range of laboratory environments. From scalable service on a single instrument to a highly customized, comprehensive service program at the laboratory, site or enterprise level, we provide the solution you need.  

Unity Lab Services also delivers service solutions for all instruments, equipment and laboratory supplies, regardless of vendor. We incorporate best practices in lean enterprise, continuous improvement and change management to create immediate and measurable productivity gains. We also leverage processes that have been developed over time from our extensive customer base. Our SmartSystem program model leverages more than 50 years of service experience and features our proprietary SmartTrac™ metrics so you can closely monitor your program results
Simple Access to Integrated Service Delivery through Enterprise Services
Unity Lab Services provides complete solution design and implementation for seamless laboratory service and support management with one partner. By consolidating fragmented service delivery methods and vendors into a single solution for laboratory service and support, we deliver increased laboratory productivity while reducing costs and helping to generate metrics that improve decision making.

Protecting Your Investments through Instrument Services
From instrument and equipment acquisition to disposition, Unity Lab Services provides a complete portfolio of services and support solutions designed to help you improve productivity, reduce total cost of ownership and ensure performance throughout your laboratory.

Leverage Expert Resources
For more information, please visit www.thermoscientific.com/foodsafetyinsider and click on the Unity Lab Services link. There you’ll find contact information, training course schedules, access to parts and consumables order sites, and links to our Knowledge Bases which include online technical documentation.