It’s not just death and taxes that are for certain, it’s also change. And while most of us are happy to have 2020 behind us, many of the changes that began last year are here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future. 

I don’t need to provide you with a litany of all the things that are different now. We’ve all been living it for nearly a year at this point. But perhaps you, like me, are thinking about things we used to do without giving them too much thought. These were the plans and activities that we took for granted, figuring there would be other opportunities to do certain things or participate in certain events.

As a case in point, as many of you know, I have twin sons, both university seniors. I thought this past fall would have been the right time to participate in Geoff’s department’s open house. I’d get the opportunity to meet his psychology professors, explore the labs in which he worked, and talk to his mentors…but no. I’m disappointed that I didn’t go in 2019, but I thought, “I’ll go next year.” That’s not a choice I will make again. He’s probably bound for grad school next fall (fingers crossed), so maybe I’ll get another chance. If I do, I’ll grab it.

What opportunities are you wishing you had taken advantage of in the moment? Are you ready to make a different choice today? One choice you can make today, if you haven’t already, is to make sure we at Food Safety Magazine have your correct email address. If you are physically holding your copy of the magazine to read this, it’s only because we don’t. That’s another change: By the April-May 2021 issue, we will be fully digital. So, don’t let this be another opportunity you let slip by.

Meanwhile, best wishes for 2021. 


Best Regards,

Barbara VanRenterghem, Ph.D.

Editorial Director