XENON Corporation has released its new Compact Integrated Xenon Lamp (CIXL), the lowest-cost high-energy Pulsed Light product on the market. CIXL provides everything a user needs to introduce XENON PurePulse® Technology into their operations.

Powered by XENON’s PurePulse® Technology, the CIXL module delivers unparalleled performance, precision, and reliability, introducing new possibilities to a number of industries including sanitation for food production, and offers efficient solutions for materials development and treatment.

Compact in design, intended to overcome shadowing and treat larger areas, and powerful in performance, the CIXL includes everything a user needs to generate effective Pulsed Light disinfection. At its heart is a unique xenon lamp, diffuse reflector, and all electronics and cooling required to safely generate 3 Hz, 100 J/p of power, all housed in a stainless-steel enclosure with a quartz window.

XENON Corporation: www.xenoncorp.com