In Arizona, one recently introduced bill aims to ban lab-grown meat, and another would prohibit labeling of meat alternatives and cell-based meat as “meat.”

House Bill 2121, introduced by Representative David Marshall (R-Snowflake), would prohibit the sale or production of any “cell-cultured animal product for human or animal consumption.” Additionally, the bill would give anyone whose business is adversely affected by the sale of lab-grown meat to sue the producers of cell-based products and collect damages of up to $100,000.

On the other hand, Representative Quang Nguyen’s (R-Prescott Valley) House Bill 2244 only seeks to put restrictions on how meat alternatives and cell-cultured meats are represented and labeled. The bill would prohibit “intentionally misrepresenting” a product that is not derived from livestock or poultry as meat, including products that were produced in a laboratory from the cells of an animal. The bill also applies to “synthetic product derived from a plant, insect, or other source.”

Update, April 30, 2024: Both HB 2121 and HB 2244 passed the Arizona House. HB 2121 is being considered by the Senate, whereas HB 2244 died in a tie vote.