The SIMBA system by SIMBA Solutions helps food processors and packers collect real-time production, traceability, inventory, and shipping information using touch computers and barcoding. To make its product more accessible for small to mid-sized companies, SIMBA is now offering a new subscription model with a low initial investment.

SIMBA unites barcode labeling, intuitive plant-floor data gathering devices, and sophisticated office software to give owners and plant managers end-to-end product traceability and inventory tracking. SIMBA developers can customize the platform to fit producers’ existing practices, integrating it with their enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and adapting it to new uses as they arise.

Barcode data entry, which is part of the SIMBA system, has been used in the fresh food industry for over 30 years. Barcoding has been shown to yield a 40–60 percent increase in efficiencies in time to track inventory and 99 percent data entry accuracy.   

SIMBA also quickly labels and records product at packing, thereby reducing data entry, and traces product indefinitely with meticulous records, making it easy to pass audits.