The 2023 fall cohort for Catalyst LLC’s Technical Leader Bootcamp begins on September 12. Over 14 weeks, the online bootcamp will provide curriculum, coaching, and community to help technical food industry professionals plan, coordinate, and intentionally create a path of success.

The Technical Leader Bootcamp is ideal for food industry professionals and business operators looking for ways to grow and develop technical leaders to improve their businesses and cultivate a robust food safety culture. Addressing the 74 percent of employees that say a lack of professional development is hindering their potential and the 41 percent of employees who quit their jobs due to insufficient career advancement, the program will help improve employee retention, engagement, and wellbeing by developing practical, relatable leadership among those at the head of technical teams. Proven benefits of the bootcamp include:

  • Improving working relationships by 77 percent
  • Improving job satisfaction by 61 percent
  • Increasing profit by 22 percent
  • A return on investment (ROI) of >5.

The coaching-based program provides support to help FSQ teams create personal strength to drive positive change. The bootcamp is uniquely designed for FSQ, research and development, engineering, regulatory, and other technical food professionals to increase role ownership, empower leadership, and develop self-awareness using proven techniques.

The 14 week bootcamp is the first step in a progressive curriculum for continued learning and development of technical leaders in food. Intended to fit into a busy schedule, the bootcamp only takes 1–2 hours per week dedicated to the completion of online modules and weekly group coaching labs.

Register for the Technical Leader Bootcamp fall cohort, taking place September 12–December 12, 2023 here, or enter “PREVIEW” at checkout here to view Module 1 of the program. Ask about group rates by emailing

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